31st District of Texas


About Mike

Mike Williams is a retired Firefighter and College Instructor. He lives with his wife, Jean, in Georgetown, Texas. During his 40-year tenure with the Beaumont and Austin Fire Departments, Mike served as a Training Coordinator, Emergency Communications Officer, Master Firefighter, and Master Fire Instructor.

Mike worked on a family rice farm, before joining the Beaumont Fire Department in 1977. He continued as a part time college student, earning his degree in Business Administration.

As an adjunct instructor with Austin Community College’s Fire Protection Department from 1998 to 2016, Mike mentored many young Firefighters. He severed on the Austin Fire Department’s Curriculum Committee from 2000 to 2016 and served as Program Coordinator for the LBJ High School Fire Academy and AFD Cadet Academy. In addition to working with Cadet and Probationary firefighters, Mike spent twenty-five years volunteering as a Scout Leader working with the youth of the community.

Together, Mike and Jean have raised five children and currently enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren. Upon retiring from his career as an Educator and Firefighter, Mike realized that our nation is barreling down the wrong path. Mike traded in his youthful passions of ultrarunning, hunting and fishing for a passion for civics. When he isn’t attending local meetings, Mike enjoys studying the Constitution. He compiled a 13-point plan to get the nation back on track and enjoys sharing this plan with concerned Americans.

Mike previously ran for Congress in 2020, preparing him for a second run in 2022. His platform is focused on pro-life, pro-America, pro-Constitutional policies. He is particularly concerned about governmental overreach and the balance of the Federal branches. Impassioned about Constitutional governance, he is seeking office to fight for Texan families.