31st District of Texas


Take Back America

Our founders reflected upon His creation and then formulated the American ideals of Liberty. These ordinary citizens conceived what was unheard of: a nation founded upon Individual Liberty, where the People are the sovereign and government restrained.They sought to establish a heritage that would transcend time, believing that each generation would pay installments to the ideals of Liberty for their posterity to enjoy. Payment is due; therefore, I am running for Congress to protect these ideals for my family and yours.

And if you faithfully obey the voice of the LORDyour God, the LORDyour God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. God Bless America.

Our Constitution

America is a Constitutional Republic, the foundation of a Republic is its rule of law, and we call that the Constitution. Our Constitution is the most brilliant governing principle ever conceived, its genius is most demonstrated by the presence of Article V. The founding generation being humble patriots with God in their hearts knew perfection was beyond human reach, therefore, the Constitution can be amended when found necessary. Article V provides for that amendment process.

Among the greatest concerns of the founders was the concentration of power in the hands of a few. The checks and balances they foresaw were believed adequate protection against abuses of power. The behavior of todays “ruling class” demonstrates otherwise.

As your Congressman

  • I will seek an amendment to the Constitution to enhance accountability of Congress to We the People. The Amendment will consist of five elements:
    1. Term Limits, no person shall be eligible to serve more than twelve years in the United States Congress.
    2. Revoke the Article I emoluments clause, gifts and legal bribery of any nature will no longer be permitted.
    3. Senate selection process, restore the principle of having three distinct procedures for electing our political class. This with a recall process for Senators will have lasting positive impact on Individual as well as States rights.
    4. Senate filibuster requirement when one party controls both chambers of Congress and the White House, thus protecting the blessing of liberty from the despotism of one-party rule.
    5. Campaign finance restriction for congressional candidates to instate private donations only, thus tapping the breaks on the plutocracy.
  • I will seek an amendment to the Constitution to enhance accountability of the Judicial Branch to We the People. The Amendment will consist of two elements:
    1. Constitutionally establish the Supreme Court at nine Justices.
    2. Institute a system for automatic removal of lower court judges who engage in unconstitutional judicial activism. Institute a system whereby the States will determine removal of Supreme Court Justices for decision that are repugnant to the Constitution, thus taking “ruling class” national political figures out of the process. The first phrase of the Constitution reads: We the People, not the Supreme Court says…
  • I will seek an amendment to the Constitution to empower the People to determine the formation of new States. Millions of our fellow Americans are living in despotism in their home states. Currently the ruling class of those states and congress in Washington determine their fate, this is not acceptable.

Our Direction

As your Congressman

  • I will protect Your Vote. Lack of voting integrity has place America on Dangerous ground. This issue alone will determine the direction of our country, not being serious about election integrity makes all else irrelevant and could end Freedom as we know it. Our Constitution has significant safeguards to ensure the “Citizens” right to vote is NOT abridged. I will use all those safeguards to make legal voting easy and cheating hard.
  • I will protect the unborn. Heartbeat legislation of an increasing number of States needs be brought to the national level. We must end the assault on the unborn and women who are deceived into destroying their unborn child and their peace of mind.
  • I will work to restore all regulatory authority to Congress so your elected officials will no longer be able to blame some unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat for interfering with your pursuit of happiness. You elect Representatives to secure your liberties, not create an unknown, unseen agent to infringe upon them.

Linked in Scope & Scale

As your Congressman

  • I will protect your Civil Liberties. The egregious violations that occurred in 2016, the government spying on political opponents and conflating persecution with prosecution, now is recognized as the beginning of tyranny. This destructive snowball is rapidly growing into an authoritarian avalanche bent on destroying our Republic. This will not happen on my watch.
  • I will protect Parental Rights. Your children are YOURS. Government has no right to any determination of their moral, ethical or spiritual education, that’s the Parents domain. Your daughter has an unalienable right to compete in girls’ sports against biological girls. Your expectation of public education to teach objective math, science, reading and writing skills, shall not be supplanted with progressive ideology directed at dooming your child to a life of ignorant servitude. School choice is the Parents choice.
  • I will require those who have a Duty to Act, to act in accordance with the law. Failing to serve as they are sworn to will have severe consequence. Abuse of power, official oppression, denial of rights under the color of law, and negligent dereliction of duty resulting in harm are crimes, and the cost of committing such crimes will be severe under my watch.

American 1st

As your Congressman

  • I will fight for border security and America 1stImmigration law. These are Federal responsibilities enumerated in the Constitution. The fiasco we see on the southern border today was predictable, orchestrated and preventable. I do not accept any explanation from an establishment politician to the contrary. I will seek to implement America 1stmeasures to secure the border and enact immigration law to enable legal immigration and assimilation and strongly discourage and prevent illegal immigration.
  • I will fight to codify American energy independence. Energy independence has been an issue since before I could drive a car. I remember the OPEC oil embargo, the Jimmy Carter years, and politicians proclaiming how they’ll save the day with energy independence. We were just there, for the first time in decades,what the hell happened? America 1stenergy independence is a national security issue. Consumer energy reliability is a responsibility that must become a national undertaking. How about tax dollars committed to infrastructure be directed to critical domestic energy capability rather than being laundered into progressive coffers.
  • I will seek Lawfare protection for Americans. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) is such a common weapon of the Left they named it. Our legal system is intended to protect law abiding citizen, not be used as a cudgel on them. Loser-pay for those bringing frivolous civil suits and prison time for those who hurl nefarious criminal allegations against another.

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